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The Queen Has No Crown The Queen Has No Crown

Director: Tomer Heymann

2011, DigiBeta, colour, 85'
Vers: Hebrew, English - Sub: Eng

A moving story about the family; about loss and the mental maps of the personal experience of homelessness. Tomer Heymann's film takes a look at the story of five brothers and their mother, the experience of living in exile, and the joy of family ties. One after the other, three of the Heymann sons and their families have left Israel in the hope of finding a 'better' life in the United States. They have made their dreams reality but, at the same time, have destroyed their mother's hopes. Their mother, a divorcee, has stayed behind in Israel with her two unmarried sons; one of them is heterosexual and the other, Tomer (the film's director), is gay.

Screenplay: Tomer Heymann
Cinematography: Tomer Heymann, Zvi Heymann
Editing: Ido Mochrik
Music: Ivri Lider, Rona Kenan, Eran Weitz, Israel Bright, Eli Soorani, Itamar Rotchild
Prizes and selections:
Berlinale 2011 (Panorama), Krakow Film Festival 2011, NewFest GLBT Film Festival 2011

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