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The Piuculture Jury was created by the meeting of two realities: the MedFilm Festival, now in its 17th edition, and the online publication Piuculture, established a year ago. They both have their offices in Rome, within the 2nd Municipality, and have the common objective of putting the Italian public in touch with foreign people and cultures, which are often perceived in a distorted or hazy manner.

The publisher of the journal is the Piuculture association, committed to creating a meeting place between Italians and foreigners who live, work and study in this area of the city, and to establishing relationships with associations, communities and people of different nationalities.
The Piuculture Jury, made up of five citizens who live in Rome but come from the Philippines, Morocco, the Kurdish territories of Iraq, Romania and Turkey, wishes to be a further step in the mutual understanding between different cultures.

Jury members:
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Deniz Kocak (Turchia)
Deniz Kocak, a young Turk of 32 is a student with a passion for philology and is attending a Masters programme in Italian language and literature. He has always wanted to be a pilot, and with the money he makes he pays for a school to become an airline pilot.

Mildred Rubite Sotero (Filippine)
Mildred Rubite Sotero, Filipino, is 41 years old and in 1993, after completing her studies in psychology, unable to find a job in her country, she decided to join her brother who was living in Italy. Today she is a housekeeper. Her dream is to start over in Canada as a psychologist.

Alý Soleimanpour (Iran)
Alý Soleimanpour, Kurdish Iranian, is 26 years old. Since 3 years ago he is a political refugee in Italy, where he lives with his Iranian wife and their daughter Neda. He works at an NGO.

Halima Tanjaoui (Tunisia)
Halima Tanjaoui, born in Rabat, ten years ago joined her father who has been working in Rome since 1993. She is 22 and studies at the Sapienza University. She is married to a young Italian man.

Teodora Elena Madasa (Romania)
Teodora Elena Madasa, a 31 year old Romanian, received a drama degree in her country and became an actress. She won a scholarship to come to Italy, where she has been living for 2 years and she is about to complete a specialist degree at DAMS. She has worked as an assistant director for the recent theatre festival organized by the Academy of Romania.


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