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New European borders. The EU strategy to enhance cultural diversity

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> Casa del Cinema, 10.00

in collaboration with:
Commissione Europea Rappresentanza in Italia Parlamento Europeo Roma Lazio Film Commission Media Desk Italia

Together with the New Europe-Lux Prize, on the 21st of November, from 10.00 am at the Casa del Cinema, within the IV edition of the EUROMEDITERRANEAN FILM PROFESSIONALS FORUM, the conference NEW EUROPEAN BORDERS. THE EU STRATEGY TO ENHANCE CULTURAL DIVERSITY. NEW WEB PROSPECTS will take place with the collaboration of Representation in Italy of the European Commission and Parliament, Lux Prize, Roma Lazio Film Commission, Media Desk Italia.

The institutional representatives of the European Union and local authorities and professionals will take part in the forum for a careful analysis of the political strategies and the resulting action plans of the EU.


Mrs Clara Albani, Director of the Information office of the European Parliament in Italy
Mr Lucio Battistotti, Director of the Representation of the European Commission
Hon Marco Scurria, Eurodeputy, Member of the Cultural Commission of the European Parliament in representation of the President of the Cultural Commission of the European Parliament
Hon Silvia Costa, Eurodeputy, Member of the Cultural Commission of the European Parliament
Mr Giuseppe Massaro, Director Media Desk Italia

10.30 - 13.30
- Moderator Mrs Emiliana De Blasio, Scientific coordinator of the Centre for Media and Communication Studies "Massimo Baldini" at the LUISS Guido Carli University, chair of Media Production and New Media. She's also chair of Sociology and Communication sociology at Pontificia UniversitÓ Gregoriana.

- Cineama : A social network supporting independent projects during development (crowdsourcing and crowdfunding) and distribution.
- Monica Repetto and Giusto Toni: On the DOCKS, Independents in VOD. The cinema of reality beyond the long tail.
- Avv. Deborah De Angelis - Legal issues - Adapting to change while protecting intellectual property.

Guests of Medfilm Festival, together with Italian film professionals and students from the Roma Tre University (Public and Business Communication) are invited to the event.


Cineama On the Docks


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