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This is My Land...Hebron This is My Land...Hebron

Director: Giulia Amati, Stephen Natanson

2010, HD, colour, 72'
Vers: Arabic, Hebrew, English - Sub: Ita

Special Mention Open Eyes Award 2011
succeeds in telling and explaining the very hard state of crisis between Israel and Palestine through the daily life in Hebron.

Hebron is the largest city in the middle of the occupied West Bank, 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem. It was famous throughout the Middle East as a market place where the caravans would stop between Damascus and Egypt. Hebron is also famous as a holy city, a place of pilgrimage for the Jews, Christians and Muslims because Abraham, the forefather of the three most important monotheistic religions, is buried there.
In 1967, after the Six-Day War and Israel's dramatic military victory, 30 Israelis decided to settle in the city to reclaim what they considered an important part of the Promised Land. It was one of the first Israeli settlements and the only one right in the heart of a Palestinian city. Hebron is now home to 160,000 Palestinians, a colony of 600 Israeli settlers who live in the city center and a garrison of more than 2,000 Israeli soldiers to defend them. Today Hebron is a city of violence and hate.

Screenplay: Giulia Amati, Stephen Natanson
Cinematography: Boris Sclauzero, Stephen Natanson, Giulia Amati
Editing: Giulia Amati
Music: Piernicola Di Muro
Sound: Matteo Di Simone

Prizes and selections:
Festival dei Popoli Firenze 2010 (Best Italian Documentary), Bellaria Film Fest 2010 (Best Film)


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