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(No) Laughing Matter
Director: Vanessa Rousselot

2010, DigiBeta, colour, 54'
Vers: Arabic, French, English, Hebrew, Italian - Sub: Eng

Special Mention Open Eyes Award 2011
for having dealt with a very difficult issue and context with peculiarity and the lightness of smiling.

Convinced that humor knows no frontiers, young filmmaker Vanessa Rousselot embarks on an unusual quest: to search for humor in the West Bank. At first she finds only disillusionment: "our whole situation is a joke". But little by little, Rousselot uncovers and reveals Palestine's own vibrant culture of humor, one that occasionally challenges conventional expectations. From inane stories mocking the residents of Hebron (the classic butts of Palestinian jokes) to self deprecating political quips and bittersweet anecdotes about the absurdity of everyday life, the director's investigation plunges her deep into Palestine's peculiar comedic universe, one in which bright glimmers of hope and humanity endure in the shadow of conflict.

Screenplay: Vanessa Rousselot
Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche
Editing: Nadia Ben Rachid, Juliette Haubois
Music: Nicolas Francart
Sound: Ala Khoury

Prizes and selections:
Jerusalem Film Festival 2010, Toronto Palestine Film Festival 2010, FIPA International Festival of Audiovisual Programs 2011

0 Productions, Pijo Productions, Plante

Wide Management Enterprise
(Paris, T +33 1 53 95 04 64; F +33 1 53 95 04 65;;

Casa del Cinema (Sala Kodak) - 22 Nov, 22.30


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