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The Agenda and Me Ana wal Agenda
The Agenda and Me
Director: Neveen Shalaby

2011, DigiBeta, colour, 40'
Vers: Arabic - Sub: Eng

A journey into the heart of the revolution in Cairo 2011. Five Egyptians from different social classes: their background, their daily life and what got them to participate in the demonstrations that would put an end to one of the Arab world's strongest regimes. They witness their frustration over Mubarak speeches, the joy that characterized Tahrir Square, the fear when Mubarak supporters were riding on camels, armed with stones and not least the euphoric mood that broke out after Mubarak resignation was announced. This movie asks the fundamental question: what is the agenda has the demonstrators? What got them to take to the streets, and what will they do next? Mubarak has declined, but the struggle for democracy has only just begun.

Screenplay: Neveen Shalaby
Cinematography: Neveen Shalaby
Editing: Neveen Shalaby

Prizes and selections:
Malmö Arab Film Festival 2011, Arabian Filmdays - Stories from the Levant 2011

Neveen Shalaby

Casa del Cinema (Sala Kodak) - 24 Nov, 18.30


Winners 2011

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