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Foto A Blooming Business A Blooming Business
Director: Ton van Zantvoort

2009, colour, 52'
Vers: English, Swahili - Sub: Eng

Special Mention Open Eyes Award 2009

Among the seventeen works in competition, the Jury has unanimously chosen to assign a special mention to "A Blooming Business", for the moving and courageous experiences of the protagonists of a this film which has been able to inquire on what is hidden beside Kenya's production of flowers and their exportation to rich-countries.

The world of Jane, Oscar and Kennedy, who all depend some how on the huge flower farms in Naivasha, Kenya. A poetic, cinematic and poignant documentary in which director Ton van Zantvoort goes deep into the lives of the main characters. Is the smell of the imported rose so sweet indeed?

Screenplay: Ton van Zantvoort
Cinematography: Ton van Zantvoort
Editing: Ton van Zantvoort
Music: Roy Bemelmans
Suono: Ton van Zantvoort

Prizes and selections:
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2009 (World Premiere), International Film Festival Breda 2009 (Dutch Premiere), Green Film Festival in Seoul 2009, Newport International Film Festival 2009

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