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Festival sections

Eros and Psyche Award

The Official Competition of the Festival is dedicated exclusively to Mediterranean film. It explores the different themes and styles in the attempt of finding new talents and great authors capable of defining a common identity enriched by a variety of languages and narrative styles. The International Jury will assign the Eros and Psyche Award to the best film, which recognizes the union in cinema of passion and ideality, and the following acknowledgements: Special Mention and Artistic Expression.

Eurimages Italy Award (5th edition)

For the fifth year in a row there will be a competition dedicated to films produced with the support of Eurimages: a cultural and human journey through Europe and the Mediterranean. The International jury made up of film experts will assign to the best film the Eurimages Italy Award, to emphasise the important role played by Eurimages in order to promote high quality cinema and co-productions.

Italy in the Cinema Award

Competitive section dedicated to young emerging talents of Italian cinema and admission is limited to first and second works. The jury is made up of journalists belonging to important foreign newspapers who will assign the Italy into the Cinema Award.

Methexis Award

This competition is open to short films from European, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries. The International Jury, made up of students of cinema from the Euro-mediterranean countries and a group of detainees of one of the Italian Penitentiaries, will assign the Methexis Award dedicated to the promotion of Peace and Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Cervantes Rome Award
Starting this year, the Cervantes Rome Award will award a prize to the best short film chosen by a jury of young authors from different countries of the Mediterranean.
The latter will be an incentive for new generations that want to express their ideas, their work and their reflections and that through film want to build a Mediterranean culture of mutual enrichment in the great diversity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Open Eyes Award

The international documentary competition "Open Eyes" proposes a series of works which give us an open-minded and lively glimpse into the current topical issues regarding Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean area. The Open Eyes Award will be assigned by an international jury composed of well-known experts in the field.

Morocco and France are the Guests of Honor od the 2009 edition. The Moroccan cinematography is a young cinematography which is also imposing itself as a production model, whereas French cinematography is a good example of how to become both a laboratory and a creative breeding ground for the talents of the southern hemisphere.
Various events have been planned to pay tribute to Morocco and France: both countries will have films participating in the main categories and there will be 2 Special Showcases which will focus on the best films made in both countries.
A delegation of directors, actors, journalists and field experts from both countries will also be present.


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