Observatory on Italian and International Cinematographic Communication

The importance of audiovisual tools in the training and education processes is an emerging element, still in its developing phases. Our organisation carries out training programmes aimed at these new and complex issues, which are still not adequately explored in the traditional training and educational scenarios.


This initiative promotes the encounter between Cinema and Education through the screenings of long and short films, it organises screenplay laboratories in Secondary Schools and High Schools aimed at the production of a short film. It also updates every year the 5 multimedia libraries belonging to the 'Biblioteche di Roma' circuit (Basaglia, Flaminia, Marconi, Mozart and Rispoli). All five of them receive every year free of charge the works provided by MedFilm Festival Onlus (a non-profit organisation).


The project has a high educational, artistic and information value. It encourages young people to deal with themes of great current relevance such as the protection of human rights and inter-cultural dialogue, the fight against racism and xenophobia, the valorisation of ethnical minorities, the promotion and dissemination of the European and Mediterranean culture.
In particular, this project encourages young people to discover their professional skills in the field of audiovisual media and new technologies.