The Methexis Project

The Methexis Project is an initiative whose main objective is to create a human and professional bond between students of cinema. They are the future protagonists of the Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual scenario seen in a pluralistic and inter-cultural perspective. The lack of communication between different generations, the loss of collective memory and therefore identity, the problems related to immigration are the core issues of the Project.


These activities involve the National Schools of Cinema of 40 European and Mediterranean Countries as well as some Italian Penitentiaries, with training sessions, meetings and film screenings.


The Methexis Award is given by an International mixed Jury made of students of National Schools of Cinema based in European and Mediterranean Countries. They meet in Rome in order to discuss and compare different study methodologies and the different socio-cultural experiences each one of them represents.
The jury of students is complemented by the international jury of detainees selected among one of the 7 Penitentiary Institutions adhering to the Project. In a plenary session inside the prison two wings of the jury compare their decisions and then decide together who should be the winner of the Methexis Award. Therefore students and prisoners have the opportunity to share an exciting work experience leading to inter-cultural dialogue and exchange.
The young film directors represent the future of the Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual industry. They have the opportunity to see, hear, understand and appreciate the diversity of the other languages.