MedFilm International 2008
Italian Cinema in the Mediterranean




sponsored and supported by
Ministry for Arts and Culture - General Directory Cinema
and in co-operation with
Italian Cultural Institutes

For 14 years MedFilm has been committed to developing and encouraging cooperation, awareness and dialogue between Italy the Mediterranean, an area of great geopolitical and social interest. Through a series of cultural events and initiatives MedFilm has brought Italian cinema to a market which has great potential.

Cultural initiatives have been organized with Israel and the Palestinian Territories, France, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
In 2004, Italy was the Guest of Honor at the Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt. For the first time ever in the history of the promotion of Italian cinematography abroad 45 films with Arab subtitles were screened.

In 2008, the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue, MedFilm has scheduled a variety of international events starting in March through to December with 4 main events in: Tunis, Algiers and Istanbul. The project aims to draw a large audience, but its main objective is to involve film professionals of the host countries.

Initiatives in 2008