Historical Multimedia Archive

The Archive was founded in 1995 and was given historic recognition in 2001 by the Municipality of Rome for its prestigious social and cultural content. It collects multimedia as well as printed works belonging to more than 40 countries. Each year it acquires approximately 500 new products in order to update its general content - a link between historical memory and current affairs in order to protect the variety of linguistic, cultural, social and religious identities.
Upon request, public and private institutions can benefit from the Archive's patrimony, which is made of editorial publications and multimedia productions. On a regular basis, the Archive organises film screenings, particularly aimed at schools of various type and degree and prison institutes.
Through the screening of European and Mediterranean films, the Archive stresses the importance, for young people in particular, to create new bridges with other cultures in order to communicate in a direct way, because mutual understanding helps overcome fears and prejudice.