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Foto Afghan Muscles Afghan Muscles
Director: Andreas M. Dalsgaard

2007, colour, 58'
Vers: Farsi - Sub: Eng

Open Eyes Award Winner

The story of the Afghan boys who devote their life to the body building is told and constructed with a remarkable "gentleness" even if the "brawn" theme. the director thanks to his exceptional ability creates a story with a "fiction" style that splendidly works with the characters that almost become symbols of the life that everybody knows.

The young men of Afghanistan have discovered the art of bodybuilding. In a country ravaged by war, these men still hold on to their dreams; dreams of muscle, honour and fame - absolute control of the body in a world of chaos. Afghan Muscles is a story about dreams. The dreams we all share, but that are never the same. Hamid Shirzai wants to be a national champion like his brother and uncle. They were part of a legendary team of bodybuilders that won medals at the Asian Championships in the early 90's. From the rubbles of Kabul to the skyline of Dubai we follow Hamid on a great journey that will take him across mountains and through a struggle to honour both his own dreams and his fathers aspirations.

Screenplay: Oliver Winding, Andreas M. Dalsgaard
Cinematography: Frederik Jacobi
Editing: My Thordal Christensen
Music: Fridolin Nordsø Schjoldan

Prizes and selections:
GuldDok Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2007, European Film Festival Neubrandenburg/Szczecin 2007 (Jury Prize), Hamburg Film Fest 2007, Pärnu Film Festival 2007 (Special Mention)

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