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Film | Official Competition

|  Eros and Psyche Award

Mar nero Mar Nero
Director: Federico Bondi

2008, 35mm, colour, 95'
Vers: Italian - Sub: Eng

Artistic Expression Recognition

Heir to the creativity of Italian cinema, this film manages to delicately and deeply sketch out the relationship between the old and new generations, in parallel with that between old and new Europe. The prize for Artistic Expression is awarded especially to the screenplay and to all the cast composed of excellent actors.

After the death of her husband, Gemma, an elderly lady, is forced by her family to have a live-in care worker look after her in her home in Florence. The care worker is Angela, a young Romanian woman, eager to please but the lady is untrusting and bitter that her son and his family are running her life by remote control. Gradually, the two women begin to connect with each other and share their very different experiences of life. Through day-to-day trials and tribulations they begin to trust each other, but then the young woman learns that her husband back home has lost his job and disappeared.

Screenplay: Federico Bondi, Ugo Chiti
Cinematography: Gigi Martinucci
Editing: Ilaria Fraioli
Music: Enzo Casucci
Sound: Mirko Guerra
Cast: Ilaria Occhini, Dorothea Petre, Vlad Ivanov, Maia Morgenstern, Corso Salani, Vincenzo Versari, Giuliana Colzi, Teodor Danetti, Marius Silagiy, Alessandra Bedino

Prizes and selections:
International Film Festival Locarno 2008 (In Competition - Leopard for Best Actress: Ilaria Occhini; Cinema e Gioventù Jury Prizes Leopards of Tomorrow: Third Prize; Ecumenical Jury Prize), Giornate del Cinema Europeo 2008 (Orizzonti Section), The Times BFI London Film Festival 2008 (Cinema Europa)

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12 Nov, 11.00 - Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Cinema)
[Screening reserved to jury]

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