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Environment, Man, Territory
in the International Year of Planet Earth declared by The United Nations General Assembly

Folco Quilici The Island and the Time - Interview with Sebastiano Tusa
Director: Folco Quilici
ITALY, 2008, 47'
[13 Nov, 20.00 - Teatro dei Dioscuri]

A walk around the historical places of Pantelleria (the island between Sicily and North Africa) with professor Sebastiano Tusa, where the most recent archaeological excavations carried out. Folco Quilici and Sebastiano Tusa walk together exploring and talking, in a temporal suspension between past and present. The curiosity of the traveller and the experience of the professor pass through the places and the histories of the island, that always offers the opportunity of be astonished.

[7 Nov, 17.00 - Teatro dei Dioscuri]

Current Current is the first global network "created by viewers and users", a 24-hour independent media company which produces a variety of programs, including news, environment, human rights, trends, music, arts and more. website is the virtual place to find and share stories and videos coming from all the world. The Channel was launched on 2005 and led by former U.S. Vice President, Nobel Prize and environmental activist Al Gore. Current Tv Italy was launched on May 8, 2008. Current tv is a "viewer created" tv, a network based around viewer-created content, which it dubs VC˛. Tommaso Tessarolo is the Director of the Italian Channel: he organizes daily broadcast programming and Current live shows of the week, every night at 11 pm: VC˛ Premiere, Current Music, Vanguard Special, Geek Show and Draft. Current focuses on social and environmental dynamics, users are the producers and they contribute three-to-seven-minute "pods". Their videos are 1/3 of the Channel programming. Current is broadcasted by Sky Italia on 130 channel.

Clip for Italian official celebrations of World Food Day 2008
Director: Tony Brunetti
ITALY, 2008, 30"

We don't know if there is intelligent life on other planets. But we certainly know that there is precarious life on our world... At least two billion people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Climate changes and biofuels that increase the crisis of agricultural markets add to wars and famines. But here's the project of the World Food Summit Food security: the challenge of climate change and bioenergy with a goal: to halve the number of undernourished people. A battle for life that sees Italy in the first row. Italy with the UN against hunger in the world. We are all under the same sky.

[9 Nov, 11.30 - Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Sala Auditorium]
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Anima di Celluloide
Celluloid Soul

Director: Pino Cacace
ITALY, 2008, 15'
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale di Altamura (BA)


Director: Rita Maffei
ITALY, 2008, 60'
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale di Udine

Il viaggio per la pace
Journey for the Peace

Director: Eleonora Santoro, Luca Cruciani
ITALY, 2008, 15'
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale di Bellizzi Irpino (AV)

Passi Sospesi I
Director: Marco Valentini
ITALY, 2008, 30'
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale di Santa Maria Maggiore (Venezia)

Passi Sospesi II
Director: Marco Valentini
ITALY, 2008, 30'
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale S.A.T. (Venezia, Giudecca)

Sfogo di libertŕ
A Claim for Freedom

ITALY, 2008, 20'
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale di Prato

Storie sottochiave
Locked up tales

ITALY, 2008
Penitentiary: Casa Circondariale di Terni

Tribute to the Methexis Jury

[12 Nov, 11.30 - Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Sala Auditorium]

Gestern in Eden
The Other Day in Eden
Director: Jan Speckenbach
GERMANY, 2008, 31'
Academy: Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin - DFFB

Director: Emel Bulut
TURKEY, 2007, 15'
Academy: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Institute Of Social Sciences Division Of Cinema-Tv

I marmarini skala
The Marble Staircase
Director: Ana Zamfir
GREECE, 2008, 10'
Academy: University of Aegean - Department of Cultural Technology and Communication

Director: Onur Isiksalan
TURKEY, 2008, 6'
Academy: Dokuz Eylü Üniversitesi - Faculty of Fine Arts

Mit haut und haar
Director: Manfred Rainer
AUSTRIA, 2008, 3'
Academy: Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Wien

Modo de preparaçao
A Single Taste
Director: Patrícia Sampaio
PORTUGAL, 2008, 9'
Academy: Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema - ESTC

Above a Verage
Director: Igor Brezinović
CROATIA, 2008, 18'
Academy: Akademija Dramske Umjetnosti Zagreb

Director: Gemma Martinez
SPAIN, 2007, 12'
Academy: Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid - ECAM

Viva Mona Lisa
Director: Karen Safi
LEBANON, 2008, 17'
Academy: Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts - ALBA

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