MedFilm Festival Onlus

"The world of today needs people
who feel Love and fight for life
at least with the same intensity that other people invest
in the fight for destruction and death".

Mahatma Gandhi

The idea behind the MedFilm Festival Onlus is the promotion of Intercultural Dialogue through high quality cinema and audio visual media, instruments which give us a glimpse of the world and enable us to appreciate and treat Difference like a Value.

Watching films is like meeting and going through aspects of the world that surrounds us. It is a direct way that helps us understand the meaning of a certain reality and an opportunity to investigate our inner self and our identity by getting in touch with other identities and other cultural, social and historical realities.

Since 14 years, through international events and activities carried out in the Euro-mediterranean area, MedFilm aims to safeguard Human Rights; to educate and train young people to understand social-cultural differences; to fight racism and xenophobia; to promote and disseminate European and Mediterranean culture.

Our projects:
MedFilm Festival - Mediterranean Cinema in Rome
MedFilm International - Italian Cinema across the Mediterranean
Methexis Project
Historical Multimedia Archive