The very important event of October 3rd, a celebration day that will take place inside the Casa del Cinema in Rome, is programmed to coincide with the official meetings for the entrance of Turkey into the EU. During this day many discussions and meetings shall take place between the Turkish and the Italian delegations as well as the projections of movies and a gala evening. The major of Rome, Honourable Mr Walter Veltroni, the major of Istanbul, Mr Kadir Topbap, the ambassador of Turkey in Italy, Mr Ugur Ziyal, the International Istanbul Film Festival's general manager, Miss Hulya Uçansu, the director Ferzan Özpetek, the Cinecittà Holding President, Mr Carlo Fuscagni as well as MedFilm Festival's and Eurovisioni's Presidents will take part in the event.
The main theme of this meeting will be: "Cinema and Reality", culture as an incomparable means of communication, knowledge of the others societies and renovation of the co-production bilateral agreement between Italy and Turkey. During this meeting, in the presence of the directors, many short films will be shown in order to make the speech more dynamic.